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Improv Sales Courses to Help You Sell It Like Serhant

The Best Sales Courses in Australia are at PowerProv

When it comes to the best sales courses, there’s a reason why great salespeople like Ryan Serhant recommend improv classes.

If you haven’t heard of (or seen) Ryan, he’s one of the stars of the popular Bravo TV show “Million Dollar Listing” and the author of two bestselling books,  “Sell It Like Serhant” and “Big Money Energy.”

Excerpt from Ryan Serhant’s excellent Google Talk. If you’re in sales and you haven’t seen it, we recommend watching the whole thing.

Ryan has made a name for himself as a real estate broker, but lately, he’s been blowing up as a speaker sharing his insights and ideas on how you can be a successful salesperson.

And one of the things he always talks about is how powerful and vital improv training is. As he says in the video above, if you want to be able to think on your feet and deal with difficult people like his infamous “Client X” then you need to know how to “Yes, and” and more.

PowerProv’s improv-based sales courses can help you close your next deal. And all the deals after that.

Improv training delivers the best sales techniques and strategies.

One of the most important things you can do as a salesperson is to learn how to listen and how to act on your feet.

These are two things that a lot of people think they have, but they are a real muscle and most people are not as strong as they think.

Thinking on your feet and never using the word “no” is a really hard thing to do.

To be able to say “yes, and,” over and over and over to whatever your client is saying, has really, really helped me a lot.

And “Yes, and” is just one of the many sales techniques and strategies we teach in PowerProv sales courses. Other invaluable takeaways include developing an ensemble mindset across your entire team and learning to actively listen.

Improv classes help you think on your feet.

Ask someone about “improv” and chances are the first thing they think of are comedy.

Or maybe jazz.

But improvisation is more than just having a laugh or making music. It’s an approach that helps you react, adapt and communicate so you can achieve your goals.

Improv isn’t making stuff up off the top of your head.

Improv is a deliberate strategy that leverages context, experience, and training to help form a response to challenges and make fast decisions in situations you haven’t planned for.

Think of improv as a set of sales techniques to be used at the right time and place.

These can improve the way ideas are generated, help manage the unexpected, open lines of communication, and boost the efficiency of any sales organisation.

If you’re someone who wants to succeed in life then improv sales courses can help you play to the top of your intelligence.

Dealing with difficult customers? Yes, and them!

You can’t work in sales and not encounter difficult customers.

We call it “navigating the human highway.” And to travel down it you need to know how to confidently and comfortably steer your way through any and all obstacles.

It’s the only way you’ll get to where you want to be in life.

Check out Ryan’s amazing story about “Client X” from “Atlantis.”

If you follow Ryan’s example, you’ll probably go far. Because you will have learned to always say “yes” to a customer without giving up your needs, wants or truth.

You’ll have learned to actively listen to what’s being said (and what’s not being said).

You will have learned to stay present and aware, always in the moment and never miss an opportunity.

You will have learned to react, adapt, and communicate – thinking on your feet like a Jedi.

And most of all you will have learned how to become an even better salesperson than you already are.

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