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The PowerProv Personal Power Index™

Scientific proof for skeptics and super-fans.

The PowerProv Personal Power Index is a longitudinal scientific study designed to test the impact of our training.

Initiated in late 2023, the ongoing research already reveals insights and confirms what we witness year after year in our workshops and classes.

This stuff works.

We’ve always known our uniquely designed curriculum reliably delivers measurable improvement across various personal and professional development criteria.

And now we have proof.

The PowerProv Personal Power Index™ 1

To date, after working with PowerProv…

82% of participants have reported improved…

  • Decision Making
  • Leadership

98% of participants have reported improved…

  • Self Confidence
  • Social & Conversational Skills
  • Trusting Instincts
  • Being More Playful & Fun
  • Collaboration
  • Social Anxiety
  • Pitching, Presenting & Sales
  • Personal Relationships
  • Professional Relationships
  • Innovation
  • Thinking on Your Feet
  • Listening
  • Optimism & Mindset

With statistically significant improvement in…

  • Public Speaking
  • Coping with Mistakes & Failure
  • Negotiation

We’ll share more data as the study evolves.*

For now, all you need to know is that our workshops and classes will transform you into an even better version of yourself.

Want even more evidence?

Check out all these white papers.

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