We are 100% results-oriented.

At the end of a PowerProv workshop, your teams will have learned how to...

  • Listen actively with full engagement
  • Read a room and understand body language
  • Use the “Yes, and…” technique to build on ideas
  • Take initiative and validate other’s ideas
  • Work collaboratively as an ensemble
  • Be less judgmental and avoid unhealthy competition
  • Be nimble and agile when the unexpected happens
  • Respond to, and even embrace failure
  • Innovate with divergent and convergent thinking
  • Think faster on their feet and stop second-guessing
  • Enjoy newfound authenticity and mindfulness
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We're not the only ones who believe in the power of improv to deliver business outcomes.

“We’re all taught how to read, write, and speak, but nobody teaches us how to listen. PowerProv training will give you that skill, and many more.”

Need more proof this stuff works?

Check out the white papers or this Psychology Today article!

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