Stop Paying the Productivity Tax

Is working from home really working?

The results are in, and while working in your pyjamas has it’s perks, for businesses the bottom line is this: Productivity is down.

Way down.

Recent articles from Tech Republic show that 49% of remote workers report a drop in productivity and long-term remote work is not as effective as your pets might hope.

They call this “Productivity Tax.”

PowerProv virtual team building activities can reduce your productivity tax.

Things like walking the dog, catching a few rays, or checking the fridge may be important, they may not be the most beneficial to your bottom line.

In fact, over 900 senior-manager level and below employees surveyed said they’ve experienced nearly a 50% reduction in productivity.

Part of this can easily be attributed to the challenges around communication and collaboration. Even when your teams have known each other for years, separation is never as good as sharing the same space.

And if you’re onboarding new staff in a world where 85% of people still haven’t returned to the office, it’s even more important that you introduce them to the team in a positive way.

Check out the reviews from our 40-person workshop with the University of Technology Case Team

At PowerProv we can’t solve your slow internet, but we can help your teams communicate more clearly and effectively on a Zoom call.

Our tools for collaboration, innovation, and creativity will help your teams feel less isolated and more trusting – of themselves and each other.

Check out what participants in our recent workshop for UTS had to say about their experience and how it’s helped them work better as a group.

In life post COVID, more and more staff will want, need, or expect to be able to work from home.

It’s imperative the businesses train their teams to work in this “new normal.”

And PowerProv can help.

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