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Yoga for your People Skills

Learning to say “yes, and” is harder than it sounds.

Our “no” muscles are really strong!

Imagine a working environment where your employees play off each other to generate new and exciting ideas.

Where no one is fearful to respond in the moment – both internally and to clients.

Where teamwork and team morale flourish under a framework for creative thought and invention, and where fun and laughter is the rule, not the exception.

You can have it!

One of the secrets is to equip your team with tools for successful communication.

This can mean learning to actively listen, read body language, hear what’s not being said, and perhaps most importantly, learning to build on each other’s ideas using the famous “Yes, and” technique.

Learning to “yes, and” is harder than it sounds. Our “no” muscles are really strong!

Saying “no” can sometimes mean you’ve made a tough decision, prevented the pile on your desk from growing, or stopped something you didn’t want to happen.

But it can also mean there’s an issue around fear of failure, taking risks, or that you’re stuck in a routine where new ideas never seem to flourish.

Of course, there are times when we all need to say “no,” but if you can get into a regular routine of flexing your “yes” muscles you might be surprised by the results.

People who say “no” live in the comfort of their own small, safe world. People who say “yes” have careers filled with glorious adventure.

But getting to a place where your instinctive response in any situation is to accept and build takes practice and repetition.

It takes a “yes, and” workout.

PowerProv’s “sweat-free” and fun team building activities can transform your workplace into a dynamic hub of innovation and creativity.

One where everyone can stretch and flex to their fullest potential.

Which is why we call it yoga for your communication skills.

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