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PowerProv Remote Training at UTS: Online Training For Teams

PowerProv's Online Training for Teams

The University of Technology (UTS) hired PowerProv to run a remote, virtual workshop for their 40-person Case Team.

The Case Team are required to think on their feet constantly while they collaborate to create solutions to business problems and pitch them in a competitive environment.

We delivered a 3-hour workshop (the time flies by fast) to help them get better at collaboration, build self-confidence, learning to listen, and most of all build trust – in themselves and each other.

Even as a virtual workshop, my team was able to bond, get to know each other better, build trust, practice their presentation skills and have fun.

The response was great and people quickly realized this was not your average Zoom call, with one participant calling it is “surprisingly interactive and engaging.”

Facilitator, Carolyn M. says “connecting on Zoom is possible, it doesn’t have to be a boxed-in isolation experience. Every online workshop we’ve facilitated, the feedback is consistent, everyone loves the connection, trust, and fun that’s created. Believe me, it’s possible.”

In their own words:

In the video above, 11 participants share some of their key takeaways in just 3 minutes.

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