Optus Rang

Optus Rang. PowerProv Answered.

Optus, says YES, and...

Over 400 people came together to say “Yes, and,” learn to listen, and have some laughs at our largest workshop to date.

Video excerpt from our 400 person “Improv Shop” workshop for Optus.

Making a clear connection.

The PowerProv team ran a massive day of workshops for Optus’ recent away day.

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The PowerProv team – pre-mayhem.

We were one of four “stations” that attendees worked their way through over the course of a jam-packed day.

Our station was called “The Improv Shop” and we completely sold out!

There was some (good) feedback on the line with most participants calling the PowerProv session the highlight.

Our messages of active listening, learning to “yes, and” and more got through loud and clear.

People often ask us if our workshops can scale, and the answer, in this case, was a resounding Optus YES!

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