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Five Fun Team Building Activities That Your Staff Won’t Hate

Just say "No!" to trust falls!

Five fun team building activities your team won't hate.

Have you been tasked with finding a fun team building activity for yourself and the people you work with?

Staff training, away days, company events, and team-building exercises can often feel forced and the exact opposite of what they’re supposed to be:


So with this in mind, we’ve come up with 5 fun team building activities we think your staff won’t hate.

One of these is not like the others.

Song Saga Sessions

This is a super unique, super fun team-building activity that uses the power of meaningful music and authentic storytelling to instantly bring people closer together.

Charismatic Song Saga MCs will lead your staff through a guided game filled with songs and stories guaranteed to help you get to know your colleagues better than you could ever imagine.

It’s all about joyful connection and recollection. With some silly antics mixed in that could include an air guitar comp, “Gargle that Tune,” random awards, and more.

Gather your crew and get ready to share the music and memories that make you who you are.

The Bowlo

You don’t need to be an oldy dressed in white to get on the green these days.

Most clubs are thrilled to welcome non-members who want to have a roll. Cheap drinks, bare feet on the grass, sunshine, what’s not to love?

An arvo at the bowlo is a great way to nurture teams and fire up the competitive spirit. Find your nearest club.

Follow the Leader

This is one of our favourite outdoor team-building games. And you can run it just about anywhere.

Simply divide the amount of time you have by the number of people participating. Then let each person take a turn for their allotted time being the “leader.”

Leaders must take everyone on an adventure of their choosing. It might be to go sit under a tree or get ice cream or shoe shop. The followers’ only job is to “Yes, and” the leader and support them as they go.

Save time at the end for everyone to share how it made them to feel to lead, to follow, and discuss highlights.

Improv Training

Of course, we put this on the list!

PowerProv training is consistently voted the best team-building activity at just about every company event we’ve been a part of.

This is down to the fact that our program design delivers real ROI for your training budget. And everyone has a blast while they learn.

Our workshops will help your team connect with their authentic selves and each other. Not to mention endow them with the soft skills they need for success.

Plus, there’s a low risk of your team coming in hungover the next day.

Beer Making

Speaking of hangovers, as the craft brewer scene continues to explode, there are more and more breweries doing tours, tasting events and even beer-making for companies looking for fun team-building activities.

Just make sure to keep “you know who” off the photocopier if they have a few too many.

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