More than Giggles and Games

There’s more to improv than comedy.

In fact, improvisation is not about being funny.

That’s a complete myth.

It’s about learning to stay present in the moment and operate at the highest level of your intelligence.

It’s about learning to think on your feet and how to pivot quickly when unexpected events occur.

And it’s about learning to become a “super communicator.”

Let us give you the tools.

Improved leadership, mindfulness, communication, teamwork and innovation await.

Change Management

If you’re dealing with internal changes, new or outgoing management, or trying to instil behavioural change, we can develop a program to make the transition smooth and get everyone on board.

Overcoming Bias & Dealing with Diversity

Turn your differences into your greatest asset by learning to address influence with or without positional power, and to collaborate in environments where gender, status, or cultural biases exist.

Promotion & Innovation

Whether you have something new to talk about or need something new to talk about, PowerProv training will give you tools you can immediately put to use to better impact your business objectives.

Morale Boosting

Never underestimate the power of laughter, especially in a group dynamic. We teach serious business skills and have tons of fun. The team bonding will endure long after the last laugh of the day.

Industry Events & Conferences

That moment when everyone is twitching in their seats and just run out? That never happens with the PowerProv part of the day. We keep it lively with everyone up on their feet and fully engaged.

Post Covid-19 Re-Entry

After endless Zoom meetings and people working in pyjamas, your team might need to learn to reconnect, find the flow, and get used to collaborating and communicating IRL.

Fun Team Building

Just say “NO” to trust falls. Our programs are designed so that even introverts can join in and discover a new sense of self-confidence and power as individuals, and as part of a group.

Public Speaking & Presenting

Imagining your audience naked doesn’t work. We’ll teach your team to get confident and comfortable selling themselves and your message. And we’ll do it without the formality of programs like Toastmasters.

Silo Busting

Is there a communication breakdown between management and staff? Are teams that should be collaborating, competing instead? We break down barriers and bring disparate departments together.

Staff Training

At every level within your organisation, we can help your teams recognise each other’s strengths, endow them with new soft skills for success, as well as earmark areas for improvement.

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