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Team Re-Building After Covid-19

Make the return to work feel less like work.

We’ve gotten so used to working in our pyjamas that going back to the office may feel a bit uncomfortable.

Post Covid-19 team re-building workshops for business.

Sooner or later the office will come back to life and when it does your team might need help readjusting.


Working from home definitely has it’s perks, but there’s no substitute for connecting with your peers in real life.

Help bring your teams back together with a fun-filled, results-oriented workshop that will get them back into the swing of things in no time.

What this is:

  • Improv-based training for business professionals
  • A proven program that uses behavioural science and procedural learning.
  • Valuable and fun.

What you’ll get:

  • New tools for communication and collaboration.
  • An action-packed session that will feel like it went by way too fast.
  • Results you can see in your team and in their work.
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Not ready, or never going back to the office? Try our online training.

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