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PowerProv Joins the University of Sydney MBA Program

The University of Sydney MBA program breaks new ground.

The University of Sydney MBA program is using creativity to spark new ways of thinking about and solving business problems.

PowerProv was thrilled to help shape the thinking of these amazing future leaders.

This new course created by Bernhard Resch, Alicia Dudek, and Luke Maguire was a collaboration between U Syd’s Business Program and Deloitte, designed to challenge the conventions of what an MBA program looks like.

And while PowerProv has worked with several universities, this was the first time we were part of a program that included indigenous illustrated facilitation, a focus on mental health and wellness, and more.

Participants walked away with a clear understanding that our ability to use creativity and innovation to solve thorny issues revolves around the quality of our relationships.

And that’s what this program was all about – and why we were there.

Our part included running workshops for 80 University of Sydney MBA students and their Teachers to help them build trust and learn to communicate, collaborate, and share their creative ideas fearlessly to solve business problems.

I just wanted to say thank you for supporting us in our class! It has made all the difference. The exercises have brought trust and safety to another level, and the nimble facilitation fast-tracked us to deep levels of vulnerability and connection. You are doing amazing work!

– Bernhard Resch, University of Sydney Business School

Facilitators (left to right) Carolyn Mullen, Happy Feraren, and PowerProv founder, Eran Thomson

We make business management training fun and effective.

Part of the reason we’ve been so successful as a business is because we deliver real results and ROI for your training budget, and we do it in a way that’s fun.

This experience with the University of Sydney MBA program took things to another level.

All of us walked away inspired, excited and seriously considering whether we should get MBA’s ourselves.

We were thrilled to be a part of such an innovative program and encourage anyone considering an MBA to look at the University of Sydney’s program.

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