return to work after covid

Return to work after COVID-19

Can leaders make the return back to work after COVID-19 fun for teams?

The return to work after COVID is nigh. The good news is, at least in Australia (for now) it seems as if this pesky coronavirus is fading into the distance.

The maybe less good news is that for some of us this means it’s time to finally put the pajamas and tracky-daks in the laundry basket and return to work after COVID-19.

Even if you absolutely love your job and can’t wait to see all your colleagues, the reality is most people are probably just a little bit out of practice when it comes to communicating and collaborating in real life.

Even simple things like “Are we hugging?” can make the return to the workplace after COVID a bit confusing.

One of the best investments business leaders, HR experts, or People & Culture pros can make in this historical moment in time is a PowerProv improv for business workshop.

They deliver real results, are really fun, and will get your team back in the groove.

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If you have to return to work after COVID, our fun team building exercises can help.

PowerProv’s improv workshops for business use behavioral science, cognitive thinking, and procedural knowledge to get your teams back in the groove quickly.

In real life what this looks like is a workshop where everyone is on their feet, running through proven exercises designed to convert people into active listeners, and Jedi-level communicators, collaborators and innovators.

Nobody is put on the spot to perform or be funny, and everyone walks out of the room with new tools and techniques they can put into immediate practice.

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Little things you can do right now.

Beyond Blue says “those who have been working from home may have found unexpected perks of the situation, such as no commuting and additional spare time, but we’ve also lost a lot.

This includes things most of us probably took for granted, such as morning coffee runs with colleagues or staff drinks (that aren’t online) at the end of a long week.

Even just being able to talk to a co-worker to ask a quick question or have a chat has been missed.

So, when the time does come to return to work after COVID, whether you’re in an office or on a worksite, remember to enjoy the little things that have been absent over the last three months (or years!). Take the time to have that one-on-one conversation with a colleague. Visit your regular café, just like you used to, and go for the hug.

They might seem small gestures, but these actions can help with establishing some normality back into your routine”

And help your team feel like the return to work after COVID was worth it.

A free guide for leaders.

While it may feel like we’re only just settling into a new routine of working from home, for many, it is now time to start considering, and planning, the return back to work after COVID-19.

While some of us moved to working from home rather rapidly, Assure USA reminds us that “organisations may want to take a considered approach to transitioning teams back to work, remembering that things may not go back to how they were before.”

Their free PDF guide has several areas you may want to consider.

Here at PowerProv, we take our team’s and our client’s teams’ health and safety, seriously.  We are a COVID-SAFE business and will always be up to speed on best practices when it comes to providing fun team-building activities for people ready to return to work after COVID.

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