Intuition & Instinct

Knocking on the Door of Intuition & Instinct

Let's get out of our heads and get into the moment.

Your team are talented, smart, ambitious, and good at what they do.

But are the systems and processes in place to let them play to their full potential and personal power?

One of the biggest challenges for any business is making sure everyone feels confident and comfortable to share any idea.

But all too often people get stuck in their heads.

“What if this is just too hard? Too expensive? Too out there? What if I’m stepping on someone’s toes? Or my boss thinks I’m crazy? Or everyone laughs at me?”

As Peter Diamandis says, “the day before something is truly a breakthrough, it’s a crazy idea.”

So it’s vital you create a culture of acceptance and support so you don’t miss out those crazy golden nuggets next time someone has an instinct or an idea.

Because here’s the thing: Our instincts are often correct. How many times have you wished you’d listened to yourself when you didn’t?

Experience, intuition, gut feeling, or just “knowing” are useless if people don’t feel safe and supported to share any idea, no matter how silly.

The work we do at PowerProv is, in part, about helping teams get out of their heads and get unstuck so they can transcend the thinking process and learn to knock on the door of instinct and intuition.

To tap into the things that make themselves and each other special.

And then, to strengthen those connections with tools for successful communication, innovation, ideation and collaboration.

If you’re eager to see your team work to the highest level of their collective intelligence, then give us a call.

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