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Toyota Takes Improv Training for a Test Drive

Oh What a Feeling!

Toyota jumps into improv classes for business.

Don’t underestimate the value and importance of incorporating more fun and playfulness into the workplace. In fact, according to Harvard University, it’s crucial to your success.


Jayne-Louise O’Connell is a Digital Platform Specialist for Toyota and recently participated in one of LMA’s Improv Based Learning & Development Workshops. In this breezy chat, she shares a few quick thoughts on her team’s experience and how improv training can help your professional career.



Jeremie Smith is a Market Research Analyst for Toyota and recently asked LMA to run a one of our Improv Based Learning & Development Workshops as part of larger, weeklong session for his team. Here he shares a few quick thoughts on the experience.



Here you can see a group of giggling Toyota Employees getting into a game of “Friend and Enemy” at their recent corporate training event.

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