PowerProv at the Empowering Women Summit

Over 1300 powerful women love PowerProv!

PowerProv was invited to run improv for leadership workshops as part of the Victorian Government’s “Empowering Women Summit.”

We were thrilled to see so many amazing women gathered in one place.

PowerProv at the Victorian Government Empowering Women Summit - Improv for Business Classes, Workshops - Fun Team Building Ideas, Best Staff Training, for Leadership, Learning and Development, Human Resources HR, and People and Culture

PowerProv Leads Group Activities at the Empowering Women Summit

The entire experience was inspiring and filled with wonderful workshops, talks, and learning.

Congratulations to Sheyda Kazemi and the Victorian Department of Premier & Cabinet team members, volunteers, senior sponsors who all came together to produce this event.

Thank you so much for your contribution to the Empowering Women Summit. We received awesome feedback from your session attendees and our post-event survey had an 85% satisfaction rate for PowerProv which is a great number!

– Sheyda Kazemi

According to Gönül Serbest, Chief Executive Officer, Global Victoria, “the Global Victoria Women (GVw) initiative is about empowering all women in business.”

“We’re constantly looking for innovative ways to help women connect and expand their global networks, provide opportunities to upskill their export capabilities, grow their organisation and celebrate the outstanding achievements of local and international women.”

“Together, I am confident we can take on the world!”

The PowerProv team were honoured to play a small part in this huge event. And we hope the skills we teach serve to advance the careers and opportunities for all women, everywhere.

If you’re looking for great conference ideas, have a big company or community event coming up, and you want to inject a bit of levity and soft skill upskilling, consider PowerProv.

We’ve got workshops and group activities even the boys will love.

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